Tuesday, 2 December 2014


As my feet walked on the green grass
Whisper of the cold breeze caressed my skin
My mind, rattled
Rattled with those scattered memories
I was bent, for they haunted me again

Tears, smiles, joys, laughs
I gazed through them,
Some sweet, some bitter, some plain
Some bought me smiles when in pain
Some laughs, when I wasn't able to smile
No, they weren't worldly, nor secular
I gathered them all & kept it safe
For they were elegant, splendor!

Memories! a sacred place to visit,
Rather than stay
People, friends everything has a change
Memories? Neither fade nor die!

Today's harvest becomes tomorrow's memory,
I thought
A seed or a weed?
My choice, I said to myself
Walking down the lane!

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PS: My very first non-rhyming poem! 

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