Monday, 19 January 2015

Things that define ME!

Giving introduction in one or two sentences is the biggest task. When I am asked to define myself I say my name, city, school & the college I have been studying. Though I feel like mentioning more, I don't. It's often difficult to make people understand. Hence, I thank BlogAdda for giving me a chance to let others know who I am & the those things that define 'ME'!

A writer:
Writing has always been my passion and my ink has been my first love, ever since I know. Without my ink, I am never complete. My crazy dreams, my secret fantasies, my joys, my tears, my ails, the ink knows it all.My poems are the deepest reflection of who I am. Poetry is my favorite while articles & stories are a cat's jump! I write about anything & everything. Fantasy, love, life, nature are my favorite genres. My poems have been published in many online magazines & various sites. I feel happy to say that its been a wonderful journey & I would love to write even more. Thoughts, emotions, opinions, feelings are best expressed through an art & the art which I have been blessed with is of course, writing and I must thank Him for that. In my poems, I speak my mind.

An avid reader: 
Along with the passion of writing, there comes reading too. I love to read be it a blog, a novel, a book or a piece of an article or a poem. In short, anything other than text-books! :P A cup of coffee & an interesting novel in my hand, I am carried away into my own world! Again, reading keeps me so alive! :D

A cook:
I surely thank my mom for this. My mom is my first & best ever teacher while  Google and Sanjeev Kapoor are my next! :P Various recipes, may be something for lunch, variety of sweets, morning breakfast, evening snacks, almost everything! I love trying new recipes. I am happy to say with every passing day I am a better cook. My friends & family love the food, I cook! :)

A Student: 
Well formally speaking, I am a student pursuing Engineering in Information Science. But, I feel I am always a student never a master. I have to keep moving forward. Forever, I am a student, a student of life. Other than my academics there are a number of things that interest me. Spending time with divine nature, listening to music, enjoying movies & psychology is my favorite. Thus, I have a wide range of interests. 

A dreamer: 
Yes, you read it right. Yes, I am a girl With a million dreams.  I dream of lot many things & try my best to conquer them. I am that one crazy dreamer you see! Its the only way, to escape from reality. Because sometimes reality is too hard! :P 

Finally, do you think the above things define me? Nope! I am a friend, sister, a daughter, an
admirer of arts, a lover of nature etc. I love to do the whole nine yards, I have mentioned above &
they are the things that define me! :D :)

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