Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Love you forever!

Knocking the door of my heart;
You came into my life, like twilight
Making me drench, in the ocean of your love;
Made me free from tangled chain of plight!

Sorrows ails & grieves you took apart;
The one who is so much close to my heart!
Gave me warmth by your sacred love & tender care;
Kept me nested, when in despair

Words can never say how much I love you;
For my love is true & deep as an ocean blue
Your arms, is for what I only pray;
Where heaven lies washing all my pain away!

In my every breath I feel for you;
In every song I hear, I dream of us, of you;
I wish to live with you, where watching our love;
Even the moon & stars smile from above!

Like a divine in soul & a best friend for life;
Wish to live with you, my whole life!
For, I know you make all my dreams come true;
Sunshine, I wanna stay in your heart, as your lovely wife!!