Friday, 7 October 2016

College days

Signing off those good old days with a heavy heart,
Friends, college, fun everything ripped apart
I miss them to the core for its no more
But those smiles, laughs and joys I always adore

Those four years, slipped away in the blink of an eye
Now, the best days of my life is just a memory
Each day there, I learnt something new
For the more I learnt, there was a lot more to learn, I knew

Bunking classes, asking for attendance and running late
Though I write a 100 poems, a lot more to enunciate
Combined studies, projects, assignments at the eleventh hour
Yet, a step at a time, winning in every endeavor

Sometimes it was maddening, we were whipped too
We lived. We survived. Believe me the story is true
I am grateful to all those who made my college life complete
Blessed with wonderful friends for life and that’s the best treat!