Saturday, 14 July 2012


 At many a times, when we fail in getting what we want, initially we get depressed, think of all worst things happened, curse our own fate, look as if the whole world lies over our head etc... But is that either giving a relief, or solution or a ray of hope??
No not at all!!

Might be we have failed getting something in life, but surely we haven't failed in life!
Instead just think about the reasons behind failures, set right, go forward and be back again stronger than before.
Life has both failures and successes, ups and downs, pains and pleasures. Success is achieved at the price of failures and pains. Pleasures seem sweet only after pains! If we are leading on a smooth road, then surely the path is wrong. Stones are never thrown on a fruitless tree!

We need to make a strong desire and faith in ourselves. Yes!! This time I am going to win.
"Faith is eternal elixir of life that gives life and power!
The former sentence is worth to read again, again and read aloud!

This will surely help in reaching simply the top. We come back again, only when believe, conceive and finally when thoughts are changed to physical equivalents. Because action is the parent of all results.
"Failures are the pillars to success!"