Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Making life easier with My Airtel App

In this new era of technology, smart phone is no more a priced possession but a basic necessity. Smart phones have become an essential part of our daily lives and so are the applications that run on it. A good app must be convenient to use and help the work going flawlessly at ease. One good mobile app on your phone can make your life a lot more simple!
One such amazing application is My Airtel App'. Now, these are some unique and incredible features that made me fall in love with this app:

Secured payments: With the advent of online payments, an attempt to gain sensitive information like passwords and usernames, commonly called phishing, electronic theft and security threats have become too mainstream.  Now, this app with PCIDSS certification ensures safety of online transactions.  So, if there's any App which assures complete security then nothing could be any better and cooler! Be it any bill, you can make payment within a minute without any worry and difficulty.
So if you have this app, there's no need to wander streets for recharge! One click and it gets  your life going! :)

Airtel Surprises:  For every recharge you receive a coupon! You get discount coupons on different sorts like food, entertainment, travel, online shopping and many more. You can even get amazing offers from online shopping sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, PVR cinemas and so on.. Not only this, you can also get information regarding best internet packs, mobile tariffs and free talk-time! I found this feature really cool and interesting. The app is available on almost all mobile platforms- Android, IOS, Blackberry Windows etc.

I want to: In today's world everyone is running out of time and want things to be done at ease and and I am no different. I am a person who wants things to happen in no time without any hassle and this feature best suits me. It allows you to create shortcuts to your favorites. Push notifications with alerts such as low balance, pack expiry and payment  due date are also available on the app. Shortcuts can be made to view balance, check data left over and many more..

Apart from this, you can record TV if you have an Airtel Digital TV HD with recorded. Nothing is more cooler than high speed internet. Net is so quick that various pages and tabs get loaded in no time. Now these features best suit my lifestyle!!

When you have so much of benefits in one single app , what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download My Airtel App here for free!

Note: This post is written for Airtel India.