Friday, 5 July 2013

Trust Me please..

You trusted me, I broke it;
You believed me, but I stomp it!
I tore your heart into pieces apart;
Yeah! I know I'm a culprit!

I know you wont trust me from now;
But at least believe me now;
It wasn't Intentionally or purposely;
Even I'm hurt how awfully!

When I'm asking sorry, begging forgiveness;
You said me, I was overacting as if an actress!
Yeah! My heart,pulling & aching with guilt;
Coz I've broken trust that can't be rebuilt!

Feeling to cut my tongue & unlock my memory;
On myself I was angry & achy!
You see me, as an unreliable babbler;
How can you realize, even I'm hurt to the core?

Cried! Until my throat parched & tears dried;
Neither a wink of sleep nor a sigh!!
I only ask you to believe me;
Cos I don't want to lose a gem like you!