Thursday, 13 September 2012

Life goes on

When things go wrong, sometimes they will;
When on road, your climbing up-hill;
Pause, if you need a rest,
But never quit!

Smile, smile & make others smile;
In life, you will walk an extra mile;
Blow an air of joy & move on,
Life simply moves on!

Chase dreams, how silly they may seem,
Be happy, at least you have pursued them!
Cherishing, laughing to heart's content;
Because, true happiness itself is, the contentment!

Life is beautiful, be happy always;
Its too short living with regrets!
Pretending all though everything is right,
Slowly, that turns to a habit!

Winning is not everything,
But the will to win, makes everything!
Because what the heart desires & believes,
That it conceives!!