Tuesday, 3 June 2014

If We wouldn't have!

If we hadn't invented a number Zero;
How would the Number System ever grow?
One who taught the world to count
Also defeated the World having Everest Mount!

Binary system which modern Computers use;
 Sine cosine which educed!
One who gifted the value of 'Pi';
Without which we wouldn't fly so high!
PC: Photovisi Photo Collage.

One to give Astronomy a golden wing;
Without which to Moon we couldn't swing!
Even Without Chandrashekar's Limit;
Astronomy would have never made a super hit!

Mother of all Indo-European Languages Sanskrit takes its birth;
Without which even Science wouldn't have gained this girth!
Giving raise to Buddhism, Jainism, Upanishad & the Veda;
Healing the wounded souls, the Meditation, Yoga & the Mantra!

PC: Photovisi Photo Collage.

The holy motherland of Spirituality;
Also known for its Nature, its unique beauty!
Place of birth of Science of Life, the Ayurveda;
Proudly healing even during the Modern Era!

The two great Hindu Epics Ramayana Mahabharatha;
Sacred holy Book "Bhagwad Gita"!
The variety of Languages;
I love my Country for the diversity it has!
PC: Photovisi Photo Collage.

If I am to reborn, Let me here I plead;
This life, I promise to give my best deed! :)