Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Walk With Nature !!

Walking in Rain, without an umbrella , with stretched arms;
getting totally drenched is just an amazing feeling!!!
Yesterday's walk in Rain was so amazing! A long great walk with nature! I always loved and will always love nature so much!!!

From the early morning breeze to the luminous white full moon;
Calm of the earth;
Refreshing greenery;
Those dew drops on colorful flowers;
­­Cool climate
Makes me freeze!
Storm of the roaring wind;
Pitter patter of the serene rain!
Fragrance of wet soil;
Oh! I am in love with rain!
Then emerges, God's golden eye;
Glowing medallion in stretched sky;
Strikes the light through canopy!
Chirping of sweet birds;
Gliding through air!
Oh! The more I see you;
More I feel to walk with you!
And the more I fall in love with you!
Great nature lover, I must say!!

Just scribbled in just two minutes !!