Wednesday, 23 October 2013

First Love!!

Sitting in the balcony, watching the serene rain;
Thinking of how lucky I was;
To meet such motivating, inspiring teacher!
Overwhelmed by spontaneous feelings;
Unsolicited thoughts;
Thinking of why couldn't I pen them down!
Flummoxed! Lo! The poem titled;
"Dedicated to my beloved teacher!"
Thus, journey of this soul towards 'First Love' embarked!!

The more I read, the more I wrote;
More I wrote, more I fell in love!
Drenched & yet so deep!

Thoughts opened up its wings;
Feelings were felt much deep;
Words began to express;
Finally, I found a heart, my first love <3;
Listened to all;
My ails, my grieves;
My happiness, my joys;
Untold fears,  my tears, unsaid feelings;
Never laughing on my insane dreams;
Crazy fantasies;
Yeah! With pen & a paper, a one way talk!
Thus this soul was given a 'Life'!

Life, began with words, words & more words!
So, here it is,
An amazing untold story of how my writing began!
I am drowned deeply in it!

My dear love;
Love the time I spend with you
Thanking you for everything;
I promise to leave you never;
You always reflect me, represent me;
Love you more & much more!!