Sunday, 15 March 2015

A memorable one!

With internals, projects, assignments, presentations and a numerous activities life became often hectic. In addition, I too had a set of personal problems to deal with. In other words, life was another machine running on a fuel called oxygen- nothing more than that! In the midst of these, awaited a surprise for me. A one day class trip to western ghats and Apsarakonda, a famous beach of Uttara Kannada! And of course, I was in as I never miss an opportunity. It had actually been a while I had went out with friends. May be on holidays to get rid of my regular monotony I go out with few of my friends or family but the joy we get in class trips is quite different!

Trips are the one where even a stranger becomes a friend and to me it was no different. I got to know my classmates much better. Singing, dancing,  Antakshari, chatting and posing for random pics- it was a pure fun.
Between the quaint houses I could see through my window pane, were many narrow paths; beside these paths were the green trees swaying in the breeze.
The beauty of the western ghats, the greenery, trees standing sky high, the hills and the mountains and moreover a bunch of classmates- it was no less than heaven.  I always love travelling, be it by bus or trains. The journey of six hours was like few minutes. Enjoying the scenic beauty and friends, I didn't even realize how the time flew by. Friends and nature are the two things which can cheer me up no matter in what trouble I am.  And it is super awesome when they come together. Isn't it?

We played at the beach for quite a long time and then we enjoyed the mesmerizing waterfalls! Walking bare foot on the sands with pals, the sea shore, the cold whisper of the gentle breeze, wind in our hair, chit-chat with friends I enjoyed every bit of it. The waves hitting the shore washed away all my pains too. I took a deep breath, relaxing myself and enjoyed the serene, peaceful moment.  

It was a perfect blend of fun, amusement and moreover something that bought back my energy and enthusiasm! It was a special day as I realized who really care for me.  Sometimes we do not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. And finally, this trip has become one of my sweetest memory of my Engineering life!  Thanks to each and every soul who made this trip happen. After all, we do not remember days, we remember moments! :) :) 

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