Monday, 27 April 2015

Live, laugh and love!

I often hear people saying: "Lets wait for a perfect moment" but only a few say "Lets make this moment a perfect one". Why to wait for some occasion or a feast to celebrate? Lets make every day and every moment of this precious life, a grand feast. When we start living a life, admiring things around us and being grateful to Him for what we have rather than regretting for the things we don't, every single day of our life becomes a celebration.

"Learn from the past,
Live in the present
And plan your future" - The success and the happiness mantra to make everyday a celebration.

Happiness lies in the smallest of smallest things. As Buddha said: Questing for happiness itself is the real cause of unhappiness, so I would rather say: "Never quest for happiness,  just live every moment and happiness shall be yours!"

So here are few things which make my everyday a celebration:

I am a person who enjoys being with Nature. Be it the early morning chirp of birds, cool whisper of breeze at nights or the petrichor, they just cheer me up! Whenever something freaks me out, I spend a few minutes with nature and it gives me an immense energy!

My world revolves around my family. My family can make me laugh even when I don't wanna smile. An hour with my family and I am back with a bang! :)

Friends- May be a seven letter word, but to me it makes an entire world. Blessed to have such great bunch of friends, I must say! Being with me through all my smiles and tears, thick and thins, laughs and joys, I am so lucky to have you guys! A wee time with my besties, be it  online or offline and that cheers me up no matter in what charade I am!

I am a person with wide range of interests. Reading, writing poetry watching the old Bollywood, Hollywood Science Fiction, listening to music which zests me up no matter what  and cooking which has been added to this list very recently! So, every single thing turn my every imperfect day into a perfect one!

My ink:
Ink- My first love and a very true friend of mine. I am running out of words, to say how much my ink means to me and how much I love him. Without him, I am no complete. My pains, my insane dreams, my fantasies, my smiles and my joys, he  knows all! I wonder if my ink knows everything more than me!

After all, life is too small to worry about the things. Live, laugh love and keep life simple! :)

So, this is about me. How about you? Grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing... and I would remind you again, your post will make me smile! :)

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