Sunday, 17 January 2016

Her lost love

Knowing that her man, a pilot was engaged to someone else, she couldn’t resist crying. She was in anger. She was in pain. She lost faith in others as well as herself. She sobbed bitterly sitting in the dark corner of the kitchen. She regretted for the mistake she had done by loving him unconditionally. A number of thoughts were lingering and her mind was in fluctuation. A chaos of emotions roared in her. She wondered how she could be cheated and there was no justice.

Her father was worried about his only daughter and claimed she would never think of him again who wasn’t loyal to her and that she would move on with life. He was old and in a trembling voice, he asked her to untie the knot, the knot of his memories.  He strengthened her with courage and was ready to stand by her.

Her fumbling attempt to forget him constantly went in vain and she gave up trying. Her shaft of hope and dreams were now dismissed. She heaved a sigh. Finally she dropped the idea of falling in love again and decided to remain as a princess only to her father!

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