Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tears Of The Lamented Soul !!

When I wrote my first poem, I showed;
How pleasantly you smiled, you laughed;
39 poems before, I never had imagined;
Fate would make me write;
A poem here, on your death !

Smiles frowned, tears dried;
Skies turned grey; days melt so fast;
One year passed, like no time;
Still & always in your memories;
Under grief & vain !

Unconscious, my eyes grow moist;
When I glance my contacts;
The pink dress you lovingly presented;
Your pics, words now make me cry;
Something empty in my family, my life !

I was in quest, Where were you?
At my bro's wedding, I waited so long;
I called, I cried, my throat parched!
Unavailing, went in vain;
Then, I conceived you hid among those stars !

Why have you gone far away;
Behind those clouds, among the stars;
When we love you so much?
Now, my keyboard is drenched with tears;
Tears of the lamented soul !